The Spirit of Lo:  Life's Dance on the Edge of Mortality

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The Spirit of Lo -  A Family's Journey of Life's Dance on the Edge of Mortality

YOU NEED The Spirit of Lo if:

You want to triumph over adversity
Someone you know has a disease or chronic illness, a crisis of faith or family
You want to make a difference through:
family life

" I think, your book is by far the best thing I have read dealing with Cystic Fibrosis."
-- Jonathan Dailey, 25-year-old CF patient

"Even though I had known a CF patient for years, I really had no idea.Your book has given me new insights and inspiration."
- Fred Fleischner, Friend of CF family

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After checking in and enduring the insertion of an  IV catheter into Lo's wrist, Don and Jane left for  the night.                                        Read More

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"Your speech impacted the practice of medicine for an entire community..."
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The Spirit of Lo:  Terry and Don Detrich

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READ an Endorsement for The Spirit of Lo

"Adversity is a test of character. It doesn't build character - until later. The Detrichs' character shines through in this story of hope, faith and love.  As you read, you will be inspired to do better, do more and do it now."
- Congressman Steve and Terry Largent. They are parents of four children.                Read More

"There is only one way to rate this incredible story-- 5 stars."
- Melissa Klaus, 26-year old CF patient

"The book is an amazingly accurate look inside the impact CF has on a family."
- Jane Mills, Mother of Fritz, a CF toddler

"Your book is a gift to all of us who work toward a cure."
--Christy R. Rose, Director of Special Events,
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Virginia Chapter


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